AVM FRITZ!Box Tools: display and export list of devices (names, IPs, MACs) connected to FritzBox


Maybe I misunderstand the concept or have it not properly set up, but the AVM FRITZ!Box Tools seem to miss a function to display all devices connected to a FritzBox (and maybe also disconnected devices, if their lease/IP is still available on the FritzBox). AVM’s genuine FritzBox web interface of course has an overview under “Heimnetz” (home network) and also under “Mesh”, but I would prefer to have a list of devices that I could export to a local file, e.g. my laptop. The list should include information about the device’s name, IP, MAC address, and maybe also how it is connected (i.e. LAN1, LAN2, LAN3, LAN4, WLAN).

Is this possible? If it’s already availble, please accept my apologies for bringing this up. Maybe somebody would then be so kind and provide me with a very brief hint where to look. :blush:

Anyway, thank you all so much for the great work! :+1:

For my own remember i got a solution for hits:
and save the extended support-files, open the file with a editor and search to “wlease” or “lease” followed by a mac address

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Sorry for my very late response and thanks for your feedback!

While this helps (as a workaround), it would be great to have the list available directly in HA. :grinning: