AVM FRITZ!SmartHome 7590 Integration - Authorization error

i switched from FritzBox 7560 to 7590 and now i get an login authorization error by the integration ‘AVM FRITZ!Box: FRITZ!Box 7590 AVM FRITZ!SmartHome’.
A user is configured in the Fritz box. I’ve tested different users but this cannot be the fault. There is no login error in the fritzBox log.

On the contrary: The Fritz!Box Tools integration is working fine:


I’ve tried out the following:

  • Restore to Version Core 3.3 → no change

Home Assistant Core 2022.6.2
Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.05.3
Home Assistant OS 8.1
FritzOS 07.29

Has anybody a hint for me?

Have you “Smart Home“ enabled for that user?

Yes, only internet access is not allowed

Did you try to restart the FRITZ!Box?

Yes, more Than one Times

Hello Teg57,

did you find a solution for the problem? I have the same Error with ad 7490.


Hi everyone,

I have the same problem. Still no one who can help us?

Best regards, Eric.