AVM FRITZ!SmartHome Roller Shutter integration


it would be nice if the AVM Integration would support roller shutters, so you can control Dect roller shutters in Home assistant.

Thanks and greetings from Germany

yes that would be cool!
I have DECT Shutters on my fritzBox but I can’t integrate them to HomeAssistant. Only the Binary Sensor!


ist there anyone with a known workaround to use the Becker DECT roller shutters compatible with the Fritzbox? As mentioned before, one can only see a binary sensor. However, this sensor is always “closed” regardless the position of the shutter. Even help to get the sensor working correctly would be great help, so one could easily control the shutter with a shelly 1 (it can be controlled both using DECT and a single contakt wired switch).

Thank you a lot in advance!