[AVM FRITZ!SmartHome] Support for simple, dimmable, on/off lights

I would like to see support for (simple) (dimmable) on/off lights. Currently it looks like the Fritz!Smarthome integration only supports colored lamps.

I have such (dimmable, on/off, HAN-FUN) DECT lights (e.g. SMLdu w9w E27), which are all integrated in the Fritz!Box and work through it.

In Home Assistant, however, only my colored (HAN-FUN, DECT, (e.g. SMLdu c9 E27)) are displayed.

According to my observation, only color models are allowed in the light.py file: …


However, my dimmable, on/off lights provide …
as unittype: 265 = DIMMABLE_LIGHT
as interfaces: 512,513 = ON_OFF, LEVEL_CTRL

The module pyfritzhome (version = 0.6.4), which is imported in some modules, already supports these lamps.(the debug output shows the corresponding ain)
Using fritzhome directly with a standalone python script, i was able to control the lights.
The tested fritzhome commands device name, switch toggle, switch on, and switch off were executed correctly for me.

Can I hope … ? or:
should I wait until AVM possibly offers matter support and hope to include the currently unusable devices via this path?
Also i do not know the effects of the (new) Fritz!OS > 7.50 - it is not yet available for my box.

HA 2023.04 (and pyfritzhome 0.6.8) provided this functionality.