AVM FritzBox 7530 still offline no data available

Hi All,

actual I have the following issue.
I have in my home network two FritzBox systems one is a 6490 the other one is a 7530.
I have no issue with my 6490 the system is online and I can read and collect the data but
the 7530 is still offline and I am not able to see or read any kind of data.


Weather prediction

  • platform: yr
  • platform: fritzbox_netmonitor
    host: xxxx
    name: Fritzbox 6490
  • platform: fritzbox_netmonitor
    host: xxx
    name: Fritzbox 7530

Does anyone configure a 7530?

Best Regards,

Dear Thorsten,
did you have any success with your Fritzbox 7530? I’m planning to buy a new device and would like to integrate it into HA, including some Thermostates.