AVM Fritzbox tools integration randomly disabling entities

I wonder If anyone is experiencing a similiar behavior. I don´t know exactly when it started, but i think after the 2021.10 release and/or after the FritzOS 7.29 update.
Since then, the AVM Fritzbox tools integration is randomly disabling my entities, and I don´t know why or how.

For example, I have several Lovelace Buttons for my tasmota plugs with a condition wether the device is connected to wifi or not. If not connected, the button will not show.
But now, as the entities gets disabled by unknown reason, these conditions won´t work anymore, as the entity doesn´t exist.

I´m thinking about switching those devices to an alternate device_tracker such as NMAP, but that´s not very convinient.

Any Idead where to start lookiong?

Thanks, Philipp