Awair update frequency

The current implementation of the awair integration only updates data from the awair units every 5 minutes. It would be pretty great to turn that up to every 1 minute!

EDIT: I understand the cloud-hosted API has a ratelimit of 5 minutes, but there is a local API option, which is what I’m using, and that shouldn’t be affected by the cloud rate limit

Unfortunately, this is not Home Assistant dependend, it’s the quota Awair limits you to.

If you don’t have a paid account, you have 300 API request per day. The current five minute poll gives you 288 per day. Leaving 12 as a reserve for eg. a restart of HA.

Every minute would simply not work. :slight_smile:

See the documentation as well:

This integration refreshes once every 5 minutes, based on the default per-device quota of 300 API calls per day.

Please, read the one page of that integration. It might give you some more insight. If you’re using “local API”, the refresh is every 30 seconds…

When connecting locally, the integration will poll the device every 30 seconds.