"Away" zone and ibeacons

I just want to have a reliable home/away, don’t need the 24/7 GPS location. So I though that I could use beacons.

I have one at home, and the phones recognize it right at the door step. But Owntracks is slow to understand I left home, specially if I don’t go too far away. So I though to add another beacon in my mail box, so I’m marked away as soon as I leave the house.

Owntracks, configured in manual mode will only change location again when I’m back my home’s door.

So, is possible to do this “away” zone with another beacon? Would it be enough to add a region in Owntracks called “away”?

I would look at “Happy Bubbles” uses MQTT to report the tracked device status

I put a beacon in my car powered by cigarette lighter and set that zone to be considered not home. This works ok except for when I’m just leaving or coming home and in garage with car running. But as soon as shut off it sees the beacon in garage for home.

How’s your zone configured for that beacon in the car?

Read the section on using mobile and fixed beacons together as that is exactly what I do. Car is mobile beacon, home is static beacon. I use the RadNetworks usb beacon installed in a cigarette usb charger (2 port, one for phone and one for beacon)

The side benefit is my wife can also see on map where I left the car if out and about as well.