Axis Camera : sending command to enable/disable an action rule

Hello all,
I have a number of Axis cameras, different models, all with a firmware 5.50 or above.
As part of my HA automations, I would like to enable/disable action rules on these devices. I have done quite a lot of searching on this topic but have not found something useful so far.
Can someone lead me into the right direction ?
Many thanks

Support for that is not yet implemented.

OK thanks.

As a substitute to enabling/disabling action rules, I managed to enable/disable PIR sensors, VMD or Motion Gard apps in my automations. For those interested, he are the config lines that work for me

  # Cam Salon 1065LW Motion Gard On/Off
  camsalon_mg_off: 'curl --digest -X GET "http://ID:[email protected]:80/axis-cgi/applications/control.cgi?action=stop&package=motionguard"'
  camsalon_mg_on: 'curl --digest -X GET "http://ID:[email protected]:80/axis-cgi/applications/control.cgi?action=start&package=motionguard"'
  # Cam Entree Garage 3026 VMD On/Off
  camentreegarage_vmd_off: 'curl --digest -X GET "http://ID:[email protected]:80/axis-cgi/applications/control.cgi?action=stop&package=vmd"'
  camentreegarage_vmd_on: 'curl --digest -X GET "http://ID:[email protected]:80/axis-cgi/applications/control.cgi?action=start&package=vmd"'
  # Cam Studio 1054 PIR On/OFF
  camstudio_pir_off: 'curl --digest -X GET "http://ID:[email protected]:80/axis-cgi/admin/param.cgi?action=update&root.PIRSensor.Sensitivity=0"'
  camstudio_pir_on: 'curl --digest -X GET "http://ID:[email protected]:80/axis-cgi/admin/param.cgi?action=update&root.PIRSensor.Sensitivity=100"'
  # Cam Garage A 1034 PIR On/OFF
  camgaragea_pir_off: 'curl --digest -X GET "http://ID:[email protected]:80/axis-cgi/admin/param.cgi?action=update&root.PIRSensor.Sensitivity=0"'
  camgaragea_pir_on: 'curl --digest -X GET "http://ID:[email protected]:80/axis-cgi/admin/param.cgi?action=update&root.PIRSensor.Sensitivity=100"'
  # Cam Garage b 1034 PIR On/OFF
  camgarageb_pir_off: 'curl --digest -X GET "http://ID:[email protected]:80/axis-cgi/admin/param.cgi?action=update&root.PIRSensor.Sensitivity=0"'
  camgarageb_pir_on: 'curl --digest -X GET "http://ID:[email protected]:80/axis-cgi/admin/param.cgi?action=update&root.PIRSensor.Sensitivity=100"'
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