Axis M1054 integration

I have a running instance of HA in a Docker container. All updated to the latest versions. I know that the firmware of the Axis cameras should be at least on 5.50 to get the sensors working, and therefore I only use the camera for the two other Axis cameras (M1031-W). Having read a lot of information and aftrer trying a lot of tips I found here, (including puttig the camera setup in the configuration.yaml file), I cannot get the sensors of my M1054 camera to work. Only the camera is recognized, but the sensors are not. I’m wondering if there are other M1054 camera owners out there who managed to get the sensors working and help me on my way to achieve the same?

Well, it seems not possible, but using HTTP and TCP notifications send by the Axis camera did the trick. Now I need to combine these sensors (powered by webhooks) into the device, but I’ll get there.

How have you configured your docker container? Currently the integration depends on an RTSP connection so it needs to be able to setup that connection to the camera