Axis VMD 4 and more


awesome stuff mate. thank your for building this! I owe you a coffee or two


Hi Robban,

my offer to beta test on 4 Axis models is always valid, when you are ready.



I had some good progress yesterday with handling vmd4. I have some more things to go through and a lot of tests before it is ready for review.

I will post here when it is ready for beta testing


Im struggling with how to do the config flow for axis devices

Should I do:

  1. Only be able to select if you want video and if you want motion detection, with additional options for events done after initial setup


  1. Select if you want video and all events, with additional options to disable specific events after initial setup


I’d go with 2, assuming the additional options aren’t particularly resource hungry.


Only a few more tests and I am happy to get it reviewed :+1: might be possible to get it onto 0.91


Removed WIP tag. Feel free to try it out


PR is now merged and ready for next beta round!