Axis VMD 4 and more


Hi all!

Just bought 6 new fancy Axis cameras (M3106) and the component works great overall. I noticed that the component only supports video motion detection 3 and not the new version (4). Are there any plans on upgrading the component to the new version?

Also there are a alot of other applications, like Motionguard, Fenceguard and many more, which arent supported.

Any chance of anyone being able to look into these?

I would grately appreciate it!



I’ve started going over the Axis component to improve stuff and add support to vmd4. Did you get the other applications with the device as well?


There are applications which can be downloded (however needs to be bought in order to get access within the cameras). I might be able to get access to all applications and can help with e.g testing if you need support.


Sounds great! It will take a few weeks at least, since I don’t have much free time at the moment


Any update or any way I can be of help getting VMD 4 working?


I have a prototype running, it is all about time. Right now I focus on other stuff. It is still high on my to do, just not at the top.

Rest assured I am thinking about it several times every week.


If the prototype is running, that’s promising. Just anxious to get it.


The big thing is I want to redo some fundamental parts before enabling vmd4. Like I don’t want there to be three options for motion. There should only be motion and then take the greatest that is configured, e.g. VMD4 > VMD3 > Motion. But to make this proper it also needs to be added as an config entry. So there are some work still ahead :slight_smile:


Looks like I will be able to get a hold of the licenses (mostly if not all). Took a while but should be good during the coming weeks.


What are the licences going to help you do?


He is mentioning motion guard, fence guard and others in OP


Thanks Robban


@Robban If it can help, I’ll be very happy to beta test VMD4 (or whatever you want). I have 10 axis cameras (4 different models) I can use.


I’m going to revisit the Axis component. Starting this week. Bare with me that it will take a couple of weeks to get it ready


looking forward to it mate. cheers!


I got a hold of the licenses for Motion Guard, Lotoring Guard and Fence Guard if you wan’t help in developing sensors for these apps.


Allright. We can have a look at this when I’m done updating the component.


Hi @Robban,

Is now available vmd4 sensor?
If you need to do some tests let me know. I’m trying to develope a notify service throught a push service instead of email sending from Axis cameras.



I have gotten a fair amount of work done on this. It is not done yet, and partially it is because of how I want to allow configuration of it from the frontend. Anything but the bare necessities should be handled by a new config flow for options, which I’ve been tasked with writing. This in combination of sickness, a break from home automation and Christmas vacation has taken its toll on the time schedule, I should be back next week working on this.


Hi @Robban,
Hope you are well!
Thanks for the update!