Baby Buddy

I’m about to have my first kid, so I found the Baby Buddy project and thought it was neat. I wanted to wrap it up into an addon to make it easier for myself to access through the ingress and make it easier for other parents to use as well.

What’s good:
it works via direct access port, and is so far fully functional to my testing

What needs work:
ingress is still broken because of a path redirection issue. Baby buddy can’t change its hosted path to a subdirectory (required for ingress) so nginx is being used to pass requests from the ingress base domain to baby buddy, though its having problems - if you’re an nginx guru I’d love some advice!

There’s a home assistant integration so you can get your sensor data out of baby buddy and as HA sensors: (install it via HACS)
edit: the integration isn’t my own, its jcgoette’s


:frowning: Just tried to install this and ran into an issue like others documented here: docker build error related to dependencies? · Issue #21 · OttPeterR/addon-babybuddy · GitHub