Back Button Lovelace

Is there a way to implement a back button in lovelace so that it goes back to the previous page? I have a few lovelace navigation cards and some buttons link to different cards. Here is a simple flow… Dashboard> Family Room (navigation card)> Family room remote control. I have a button in the family room remote card to go back to the main dashboard but would like a back button card if i want to go back to the family room. I can get to the family room remote control from the main dashboard as well so it would be nice to have a back button for when things are nested. Hope that makes sense.


did you ever figure this out?

this is what worked for me

  action: navigate
  navigation_path: '[[[window.history.back()]]]'

Hmm does that work in the iOS app too or only a browser?

Works in android app and browser, not sure about ios though.

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does not work for me
in windows / chrome and android

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