Back2You Vehicle Tracking in HA

Im a novice user of HA and so when I want to add things to my HA set-up, unless they have an integration or there is some detailed instructions available, I struggle. So I have a couple of Back2you vehicle trackers fitted to my cars ( and I really wanted to find away to add them in to my HA. In the end, although it took me days to figure out, it wasnt that hard!

First I searched for a HA integration for B2yTracking, but couldn’t find anything, searched the forum, nothing about b2y tracking, searched the internet…nothing.

I logged in to my b2ytracking account, then navigated to tools and sharing (tools/sharing). In the “New” tab I created a share for each vehicle in turn, entered my e-mail address and saved. You could also have to option to “Group” all your vehicles in to a single share if you wanted all on one map when displayed. You will receive an e-mail with hte http:// share link for each one that you created.
Next I added a “Webpage Card Configuration” to my HA dashboard and copied the share URL in to that. Adjusted the aspect ratio to suit my screen display resolution. That’s it! job done.

It would be great if someone knowledgeable could make a HA integration with some entity controls, but in general the above gets me what I wanted…more or less.