Background NFC tag reading

Trying to wrap my head around background tag reading on iOS, and it seems like we have two options:
The first is to use universal links. When scanning the tag, a pop-up will show, and clicking it will perform the relevant action.
The second is through the Shortcuts app. From what I understand, this will be “true background” (i.e. no pop-up), but the downside is a need to manually program every device and tag combination (and it’s also unclear if this works for a single tag and more than one device).

Is there any way to get the best of both worlds? True background scanning without having to manually programs n devices times m tags?

Anyone? Any thoughts?

You may be interested in this change/addition to the iOS app.

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Thanks. This is the universal link approach (but with great improvements that make it easier to use). It still, however, requires confirmation.

Unfortunately there is no way to get background NFC reading outside of the universal link approach. Apple documents their limitations here:

On iPhones that support background tag reading, the system scans for and reads NFC data without requiring users to scan tags using an app. The system displays a pop-up notification each time it reads a new tag. After the user taps the notification, the system delivers the tag data to the appropriate app. If the iPhone is locked, the system prompts the user to unlock the phone before providing the tag data to the app.

Right, but the shortcuts apps is a special case that doesn’t require confirmation, right?

Correct. I do not believe there is any way to make handle NFC tags you haven’t specifically set up, either.

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What about API call’s, is that something that we can write to a tag that goes direct to our instance and runs an action?

If you’re using the shortcuts app, you can do everything that it supports, like calling service, sending events, etc…
If you’re using the HA companion app approach, you can only send a specific type of event, but then you can use that event as a trigger for an automation that does anything you want.

This is my understanding of it, at least, I’m a regular user like you :slight_smile: