Backing up the Aeotec gen5 stick

I’ve been wanting to backup the Aeotec controller for a while.

The official tool seems to run on Windows only.

Two questions:

A) There is no built-in backup tool in HA, correct?
B) Can I move the stick around and use it in a Windows box while doing the backing and put back to the RPi that runs HA without breaking anything?


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I do the move-to-windows-then back and there are no issues, but you have to restart home assistant.

To restart, I automated it with udev rules, see this script

This maps the stick to /dev/zwave always, and also runs a script when it’s plugged in

Add the command to restart home assistant to /bin/x-hass-restart-zwave-replug and then do

chmod +x /bin/x-hass-restart-zwave-replug

This will also restart home assistant if usb has a hick up…

Thanks, @quasar66!

Successfully backed it up and saved the security key to Lastpass.
yaml files to git as well :slight_smile:

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Out of curiosity, what is there to back-up on the stick itself?

The stick holds your zwave config. Network layout, nodes, their neighbors, encryption key etc etc. Without a backup you would be running around having to include every device once again.


this espescially sucks if you got fibaro dimmer inside your wall switch… Thats how I found this thread…

Has anyone found a backup solution for OSX - GUI or bash?

Would be great if it was possible from HA itself, but I guess that is rather and edge case for someone to develop as the Windows tool would have to be re-engineered.