Backlight control for ST7567 display

I recently brought a couple of ST7567 displays for use with ESPHome, however I discovered that there is no control over the backlight, it is just on when power is applied. (Unless I missed something which is totally possible!!)

A little bit of prodding later with a multimeter and I have added a BC547 transistor to allow the ESP to control the backlight!

To secure it I have used some hot glue. Not my favorite way but it is quick and this is not much more than a test to make sure it all work.

If anyone else wants to copy this (possibly daft) way of doing it, then here are my steps:

  1. Desolder R5
  2. Solder a 330ohm resistor to the Base pin of the BC547
  3. Solder the Collector pin to the top pads of C9/C11
  4. Solder a current limiting resistor to the Emitter pin (what value depends on the max brightness you want. The original used a 10ohm resistor (R5) from the 3V3 LDO regulator (U1) and was running around 80mA on my unit)
    I chose 47ohm as I wanted it quite dim at full anyway.
    Also: this will be running at the supply voltage so adjust your value if you are running from 5V or 3V3!
  5. Solder the Emitter resistor to the right-most pin on the FPC connector
  6. Solder a single pin header to the free side of the 330ohm resistor
  7. Hotglue (or what ever method you want to secure)

Finally just connect the header pin to a PWM pin on the ESP and set as a light. Here is my code:

  - platform: monochromatic
    name: "Backlight"
    output: output_component1
    restore_mode: RESTORE_AND_ON

  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    id: output_component1
    pin: D3

Hope this helps or is even slightly interesting LOL

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