Backup after 2024.4.0 update two problems

Hi, I know that it was stupid but yesterday I did update to 2024.4.0 and everything went super OK. Because today I made a cleanup in added by the update categories in automations and i also added one zwave device and one matter door sensor, i did a backup the same way as previously and backup is done system works but:

  1. My energy dashboard did a reset and shows unlogic data (kitchen halogen used today 48kwh energy and other devices only peanuts)
  2. My backup rose to 321MB when almost all other backups are 237 MB. (i didn’t do anything significant in my system for a last 2 weeks)

Something is far away from ok and once again everything happend after I did a backup. Juest before backup energy dashboard looked ok and previously I had zero problems with backups which i do regulary bi-weekly or after some major change in my system.

Guessing the value briefly dropped to zero and then back to a total_increasing value. Look it up under Developer Tools – Statistics and you’ll probably see this.

I’m wouldn’t worry about this. My backups are in the 2-3GB range and while they’re usually of similar size, they also periodically jump up or down by hundreds of MBs. Lots of things happen in the background in regards to database management that can affect the backup size and I’ve never had a problem restoring from a backup.

Ok, thx, I will observe. Today is important day for me because I finally moved from Fibaro HC3 to HA. Last device was moved link between fibaro HC3 and HA was turned off. I really admire this system even if it is no so easy for beginners.

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