Backup and full system image copy

Hi all,

Is it possible to make pre configured and bootable image for raspberry pi or NUC computer. Meaning, is it possible to install HA, to configurrate it, and then to make another identical controller for immediate full backup?

in other words, what is the fastest, or most convenient method establishing another identical, and fully configured system backup?

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If this is too many steps for you:

  1. Install standard Hassio image
  2. Configure as wanted
  3. Create full snapshot using built in service
  4. Copy snaphot off SD card.
  5. Install standard image on second card
  6. Install SSH or SAMBA addon on second card
  7. Copy snapshot to second card
  8. Restore snapshot on second card

You could probably clone the configured SD card using something like this:


snapshot image need to be copied to specific folder on the second SD card?

To the /backup folder.

many thanks.

Hi, if i would like to restore even the db, wich could be the best way?