Backup Companion App Widgets

I use a lot of Home Assistant widgets on my Android phone. At the moment, if you restore your phone, these you have to re-create all of your widgets. Would be good if these were part of the HA backup so that you could do a restore of these.

You can sort of restore them if you use a non standard desk manager in Android. I use Nova Launcher and basically when I restore my desktop configuration I get all my program shortcuts, widgets restored. I only need them to click on each one to reaatribute its properties :wink:
I don’t think Android app can save widgets with their position and screen :confused:
PS: don’t forget to vote for your request :wink:

Im thinking that maybe one possibility is to save the widget configuration alongside the regular HA bsckups and then after restoring your phone, maybe the companion app has an option to add the widgets back to your home screen. Even if positions arent retained, not having to enter the attributes would be a time saver.