Backup Files are getting huge

Hi all,

I am using Samba Backup daily with great success. Recently I integrated my Nest cameras which store clips under config/nest/event_media. These files are resulting in daily backups in excess of 500mb. I don’t wish to disable them from being stored within Home Assistant however I don’t need to back them up. I have reviewed Samba Backup and I see that you can exclude folders, however it appears that you can only exclude homeassistant , ssl , share , addons/local and media folders.

Is there some other way to exclude the Nest folders?

Below is my config:

share: holmes
target_dir: acomputer/backups/home assistant
username: tomthumborsomeotherusernamewhichwouldbevalidatedonmynetwork
password: Myverspecialpasswordwhichnoonewouldeverguessin1millionyearsmaybemorenothisisnotmyrealpassword
keep_local: 3
keep_remote: 5
trigger_time: '22:43'
  - Mon
  - Tue
  - Wed
  - Thu
  - Fri
  - Sat
  - Sun
exclude_addons: []
  - config/nest
  - media
backup_name: '{type} Backup {date}'

If I am unable to exclude this folder using Samba Backup, is there another backup application which would?

Thank you!


I have recently integrated duplicati …really easy, web-iface and can include/exclude folder via gui too. Not saying samba backup does not work, just trying to offer an easy alternative

Thank you! I will take a look.

The developer of Samba Backup is very active. You could request this directory support.

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