Backup files "not an archive"

So on Christmas day, the unthinkable happened, my HomeAssistant instance crapped out. The SSD drive it was running on inside the RPi 4 completely crapped out. Can’t access the files, can’t even reformat it with Windows or a Mac. I picked up a new one and loaded the latest image thinking I can restore from my most recent backup. Failed. I have been using the Google Drive backup and storing the backup files there. I have a few, but I have been unable to unzip the .gz files. 7-Zip and gunzip on a Mac both report the files are not recognized as an archive. Is there something special about these backup files? I did apply a password to them when they were backed up and I have that password, but I never get to a point where the password is even used.
When I try to do a restore in HA with or without a password, I get an unknown error in the log. Hate to have to recreate everything I’ve done from scratch, but unless I’m missing something simple, that will likely be my next step.

Thanks for any input or help.

I will give this a shot and let you know if it works for me. Thank you!

Got a chance to run through this. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Getting permission denied. My guess is my password has special characters in it and that is causing the issue. No problem encrypting it, but decrypting is another story. I’ve already begun rebuilding from scratch. At this point I was hoping to at least pull out some of my configs and such that are not captured in the config folder, which I thankfully had a copy of.
Appreciate the assist.