Backup from RPi4 and Restore to RPi5 just worked

Kudos to the Home Assistant Developers for a smooth experience upgrading my system from a Raspberry Pi4 to a Raspberry Pi 5. It was as easy as generate a new full backup on the Pi4, flash the new microSD by using the Raspberry Pi Imager and selecting the appropriate image, boot up, click Restore from Backup and wait about 10 to 15 minutes.

While it was restoring I changed to read something on another browser tab and was very surprised to see my system up and running perfectly fine when I changed back to the HA tab. I was expecting to have to manually configure a few things once the restore finished, but no (not even the new IP address). Every little integration and add-on was automagically reconfigured and was up and running correclty.

In a single word: WOW!

Many Thanks for this Wonderfull piece of software.


Thanks for posting this.

Normally you only see the ‘bad’ issues.

This is awesome!!!