Backup home assistant folder while it's running

Probably a simple question but I was unable to find the answer as of yet: can one safely backup (using eg. rsync) the home assistant folder including its database-file while HA is running?

I would guess that it depends on the state of the files. If they are open and actively being written, then there is potential for a lock condition and/or a synchronization issue. Is there a problem using the recommended Backup Options?

Well I’m running HA in a docker container so I can’t use any addons therefore I like to rsync the files (using cron) to my NAS. But obviously this can only work reliably when it doesn’t cause any (corruption) issues.

But you can use the Backup Integration.

Seems like it won’t be an issue: What backup strategy when running Home Assistant in Docker? - #18 by jonasgustavsson