Backup Internet Service

Recently switched to fiber but planned to keep Spectrum as backup. Their normal customer service staff said they have NO plan cheaper than $89. Decided to cancel and just use the Mobile internet I have for backup since it would be cheaper. Come to find out Spectrum has $5 plan that is 100 down / 5 up . You must call back yearly to reauthorize but as a backup I think it is sufficient. There is also the 300/50 for $30 but I felt it was not needed.

Honestly with cell phones and hotspots available backup service it not a real need. I think I am keeping it more because the fiber service here is Brand New and I dont want to deal with service outages.

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Personally, I would not keep the backup for long.

It would piss me off that they (Spectrum) lied to me.

I just have to post this here, showing what I pay Spectrum $79.95/month for (from a wired iMac). Going to call them up to get that $5.00/month deal!!!

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It pisses me off they unnecessarily charge so much. I plan to do this for a year and after that cancel if fiber proves fairly reliable.

When you call the number to cancel it has menu option and one of the options is “seasonal service hold”. That’s the name of the service.

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Forgot this bit

I guess the first level customer service doesn’t have that listed as available package. The lower cost plans are only available to the customer retention folks. This was expected and only reason I asked what lower cost plans were available. Be carful because I bet this at limited to under some GB/month usage to prevent abuse