Backup is half the size now?

I back up Home Assistant fairly regularly as I am still tinkering with the configuration regularly. In April, the backup was about 140 MB. As of May, it fell to a 76MB file. Is this something that was changed in Home Assistant? Am worried that maybe some part of the system is n longer being backed up.

I used 7-zip to open the tar file, and inside, the one file that had halved in size was the

I associated that file type with 7zFM, but it will not open the large one from April, or the smaller ones from May.

Appreciate your help.

[EDIT]: My backups are password protected, and that is why I cannot open the tar.gz. I can pursue the python script to unpack them, but will not bother if the halving of backup size is an expected outcome.

Without looking inside there’s no way of knowing.

There are ways to decrypt your backups:


There have been a few database updates that can affect the size a lot, but when they exactly occurred I am unsure of.