Backup of Zigbee coordinator via ZHA

I’ve always had a nagging concern that my Zigbee coordinator could die and I’ll have to repair all my devices. With the 2022.9 release it is possible to backup the state/configuration of a Zigbee coordinator using ZHA. This is fantastic!

Is this backup performed as part of a HA backup or does it have to be done manually? If manually, can I automate this?

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Thanks for your reply. I’ve seen this bit of documentation already. I’m not sure it contains all the information I need.

If a backup is being made automatically then, at what time is the backup being made?

If my ZigBee coordinator fails then what is the step by step process for restoring the backup on a replacement?

I see no mention of any automation. You download the backup and store it in a safe place. If your zigbee stick dies, you buy a new one and click on “migrate radio”. Then - I guess - you are prompted to upload the backup.

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Okay. Thanks.

Re the terminology on the page pictured. Does the “DOWNLOAD BACKUP” button, backup the ZHA controlled mesh? Or download a previous backup? (A it does a backup) If so when pushing the download backup button, where is the backup file placed? (A : into a Json file onto the computer web browsing into HA) The terminology here is a touch confusing. edit don’t worry I worked it out cheers Thanks

Hi it’s downloaded onto the computer your accessing HA on. You can then look and count the devices.