Backup on boot SD card

I really need help!

My system crashed (Raspberry Pi4) and the only backup I have is on boot SD. I know that is stupid, why didn’t I do other backups. Please is there any way I can get to that backup and use it with the new boot drive? My whole project is there and I can’t afford to lose it.

Thank you for any support and help!

You should be able to mount that SD card on your computer and access the files and folders, then you can transfer the backup(s) to your local computer and reinstall HA and restore one of them.

This are all files I have on SD

That looks like a fresh rPi OS installation, if it is then you won’t find any files on there. You may have to start over if this is all you have.

For future reference there are a few add-ons that copy your backups off the local drive, I use Samba Backup and have my nightly backups copied to a network drive every night just to be sure, and it’s saved me a few times.

When you say “Boot SD”, is that just for booting and you have an SSD attached that runs HA?

This SD is the ONLY storage on Pi

That looks like only the fat partition. There are 8 partitions on HAOS, but only this one is standard readable from windows. Use Linux reader to access the other partitions.

Okay, will try. Thank you

Okay, I think that the SD card is dead. I tried on rpi, on pc with an SD adapter and nothing happened. My backup files are probably gone.