Backup settings in Companion App

At the moment I believe that uninstalling the Companion App deletes all configured widgets, links and panes which sometimes could be many. A save and import feature even on different devices would be very useful I think everyone.

the app is actually using auto backup from android, which is stored on google drive and restored as needed like when you reinstall the app.

widgets need to be recreated as we cannot ad them back, there are something that just cant be restored unfortunately.

Thanks, but that’s a real shame

Restore from Android is not working. All my settings are gone as in clear, new installation. E.g. no one sensor is active.

The lack of restoring the widgets option is a pity as well. The system can copy and place Companion widgets placeholders. Unfortunately, they are blank of course if the Companion app has no widgets info.

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I completely understand we can’t backup widgets (due to the nature of Android Widgets you can’t backup and insert them after it) But what Home Assistant could do and what would be awesome is setup / save widget setup in the config from HA and choose them during placement. So in that case it could be moved to different devices and even be edited on the desktop) At this moment I’m looking at a solution where I automate every button on desktop and just place the automation triggers on the phones. I’m so done with setting up 30 buttons on 3 phones every time. But they are so great

Unfortunately I once again had to restore an image of my SSD with HA, so all my accesses were reset. I had to reconfigure 6 devices between tablets and smartphones, reinserting all the widgets, the WiFi SSIDs and enabling all the many sensors of the Companion App. If it is true that H.A. it is a user friendly software, it is absolutely necessary to create the saving of the settings of the Companion APP, even through the server, as you want, but do it.