Backup size increasing

I am noticing that the backup size kept increasing even though the retention period of the DBs exceeded.
Could it be I need to cleanup HA ? (eg old updates etc) ?

Probably because you have been adding devices to HA which then add to the DB size. No need to stress. My DB is 7Gb

I am not adding any new devices … I am worried because the backups are getting huge and I upload a daily backup on the cloud

Long term stats will increase the DB size. Remove the db from your backups by moving your db out of the configuration folder. I only backup core’s configuration and remove all addons. Takes less than 20 seconds and each one is about 150mb. My db is on another server using maria db and it has it’s own backup schedule unrelated to HA.

could it be there is something else apart from the dB that will make the backup larger?

It’s 95% likely that it’s your database.

thats what I like to know :slight_smile:

found the culprit … plex and influxdB.
influxDB is stable now since old records are being deleted automatically … need to check what is causing plex to increase in size