Backup to NAS not removing deleting files

I know this is more of a NAS question, but I figured there are a lot of smart people on here and this forum is a lot more active than the Netgear forum so I thought I would give it a shot here. I hope it’s not too off-topic.

I have a ReadyNAS 2304 that I bought for my business to backup some data, but I figured I would use it to backup my HassIO snapshots as well. I am using the Auto Backup integration from HACS to create and manage the backup files. This deletes certain files when they get to a certain age and seems to work great. When I have my NAS back up that folder, it only adds the new files and doesn’t remove the deleted files on the NAS. I am connected to HassIO via SMB from the ReadyNAS and I don’t see any options in the settings to purge old files or remove deleted files. All of my reading seems to show that I need to use rsync in order to accomplish this, but that seems silly to have an auto backup on a NAS that can only add files and not remove them for you.

Does anyone have any experience with ReadyNAS and know how to accomplish what I am looking to do?

You could try this addon instead:

Also it has not been called Hassio for a year.

What are you using to accomplish this? Is it a provided backup program from the NAS? If so, I’ve found those are a little limited. I have a QNAP NAS, and I ended up not using the backup package that comes with it. Instead, I use FreeFileSync. It has a feature that runs in the background, and it keeps old backups for a specific time period. I actually use that for all my HA configuration files.

It’s open source - the link is: FreeFileSync: Open Source File Synchronization & Backup Software

@tom_l - I hadn’t seen the Samba Backup add-on. I may give that a try, too. Thanks!

It has been working perfectly for me for over 6 months.

You get to pick how many backups to keep on your NAS and on Home assistant (can be different).

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I’ll have to look into this.

It will always be HassIO for me. That’s what it was for a while when I started messing with it just stuck in my head.

Yes, I am using the built in backup system in the NAS. I haven’t looked too much into the add-on apps.

I am going to try out the Samba Backup and see where that gets me. If that solves it, as it seems it will, I will just roll with that.