Backup to Network Storage / Mountpoint

Hey Folks,
it took me hours to find out, where the mountpoint of the Network Share, added in the frontend (Network Storage), is. It’s only visible in the Filesystem of the supervisor (I’m running on HAOS) and is there in

Question is now, what is the correct path, if i try to use a backup automation.

Config looks like this:

and it works if I do a manual Backup, but I’m using auto-backup and I don’t know what I have to put in here:

looking at the documentation, it looks to me like it should be just OMV_Backup_Directory (no /)

Read the docs over and over again but the idea of leaving out the slash never occurred to me. Seems to work. But have no clue how it works, because i couldn’t work out where the share is mounted

I think the backup mounts might be a dictionary of locations and names… So you are specifying the mount name, not the location.

Doesn’t look to me like the backup locations are mounted and shared out like the image shares are…

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