Backup weirdness - home-assistant_v2.db dropped in size drastically, then increase

For months, the scheduled backup was hovering a little over 100MB with little variation. Then,
On 10/7, the backup it was 107MB,
On 10/8-94MB,
On 10/9 at 10 AM there was a core update auto backup was 90MB,
On 10/9 at 1145 PM, it was 96MB,
On 10/10 at 1145, it was 12.5MB.
On 10/11, it jumped to 20, then 30 on 10/12, 37 on 10/13, and 45 on 10/14.

I looked inside the backup file. The sharp swing was largely attributable to the home-assistant_v2.db file. I’ve not seen this before on my HAOS (running in VB VM).

Any idea what might be going on? I would like to think that the 12MB was because of an automated cleanup, purge, and reclaim, but I don’t think it does that. Also, the rate of increase is concerning too.


This was in the 2023.10 release notes

Thank you, @cyn, for your reply. I am not using ESPHome nor do I have the integration installed. I will edit my OP–the core update was on 10/9, but the scheduled backup thereafter was still 96MB. It wasn’t until 10/10 that the backup dropped to 12.5.