Backup your ZHA/HUSBZB-1 stick and even seamlessly migrate to a new stick without re-pairing!

Yes, you can you this type of method to migrate between Silicon Labs and Texas Instruments dongles.

However note that while would still use bellows to backup you will need to use zigpy-znp for restore:

Where does the backup file get stored and is there a script for it to get backed up daily? I’m using zha

There is no finished out-of-the-box backup feature for ZHA as of yet, again see this feature request:

You could, however, do it manually or make your own scripts where script for backup/restoring Silicon Labs based dongles could be made with “bellows” and script for backup/restoring Texas Instruments based dongles could be made with “zigpy-znp” which have CLI tools to backup and restore respectively.

The video by Everything Smart Home linked above goes over the steps and commands needed.

I’m using the Conbee II and I bought the SonOFF Zigbee 3 controller, I really with I won’t have to re pair my 70 devices and rename 101+ entities

the conbee use a different path though :

should I enter "/dev/ttyACM0" instead of the IP address or the full path which seems to be /dev/serial/by-id/usb-dresden_elektronik_ingenieurtechnik_GmbH_ConBee_II_DE2457767-if00

bellows -d /dev/ttyACM0 backup > /config/zigbee-backup.json

Update that’s seems wrong since I have a lot of time out

bellows is for Silicon Labs based dongles. I don’t know which one you need for Conbee.

As already mentioned, you can not backup ConBee/RaspBee with bellows as the bellows library and CLI tools is only for Silicon Labs based Zigbee dongles/adapters.

ConBee/RaspBee uses " deconz" as radio type in ZHA which is dependent on the zigpy-deconz project.

I am however not sure if zigpy-deconz support ConBee/RaspBee backup to zigpy’s “Open ZigBee Coordinator Backup Format” (universal backup and restore format needed for cross-hardware migrations) as of yet but you can try asking about that in or (as if it does not then either waiting until zigpy-deconz does add support for it or re-pairing all devices is your only choices currently).

If there is no support as of yet there might be in the future as believe the zigpy developers have plans to also support ConBee/RaspBee though zigpy-deconz (though understand that the zigpy developers are volunteers working on it for free as a hobby).

Which exact dongle model do you have? ITead sells two different models that do not use the same chip.

SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus” has Texas Instruments chip so use “znp” radio type in ZHA.

“Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle” has a Silabs chip so uses “ezsp” radio type (dependent on bellows) in ZHA.

And again, ConBee/RaspBee uses “deconz” (dependent on the zigpy-deconz project) in ZHA.

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Thank you, I’ll probably gonna manually migrates all this devices then (I did the same two weeks ago migrating from the hue bridge).

I’ll probably gonna do a SD backup, remove the ConBee II, rename all current zigbee devices as devicename_backup and copy past the name (without the backup part) to the new devices pairs with the sonoff.
More annoying part will probably to factory reset all the Philips hue bulb and light strip.

PS: I bought the Sonoff Universal Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus

I think a tip there is believe that can reset them remotely with “hue-thief” if also buy an EZSP dongle:

Using a Philips Hue Dimmer Switch or Lutron Connected Bulb Remote is otherwise probably the easiest way to factory-reset your Philips Hue bulbs:

It can be good to have EZSP dongle as it can used it Zigbee sniffing if need advanced troubleshooting

At some point when philips started allowing you to pair hue bulbs to echos and what not the bulbs started doing a “factory reset” when removing from the hue bridge in the app… when I moved mine I had the hue bridge active deleted from hue app, and adding device in zha immediately found them. I know this is not how it always was because I had tried previously with no luck without a philips hue remote… I also now was able to get the bulbs to reset with an ecosmart remote (Leedarson) when moving to a new stick from HUSBZB-1 by using the touchlink button presses for that remote. So I would suggest updating firmware in hue app then delete a bulb and see how it goes.

So from my understanding, I can probably use this process to backup my Nortek so I can switch over to a Conbee II? Or should I go a different route? I’ve been using the Nortek for a number of years now but thinking about a change so I can eventually get to Zigbee2MQTT. Thoughts? Or is it really not worth the hassle and I should just stay put since it ain’t broke?

Tip! Might be a good idea to checkout “zha-toolkit ” custom component by @le_top / mdeweerd as he among other things created a Blueprint can perform daily/nightly backups while ZHA is still running:

He also made a Blueprint for backup with zigpy-znp (Texas Instruments ZNP) backup which could perhaps be extended or copied into a Blueprint supporting backup with bellows (Silicon Labs EZSP)?

Maybe even Blueprints that automate migration from ZNP (zigpy-znp) to Silabs (bellows) or vice versa?

Hopefully inspiration can be taken from this to someday integrate such ZHA backup features by default:

Not yet, only Silicon Labs and Texas Instruments based adapters are supported as of yet, but you can read about progress in regards to ConBee/RaspBee/deCONZ here →

Understand that while ZHA support many different brands and manufacturers, only Texas Instruments based adapters are stable in Zigbee2MQTT and their support for other adapters is still experimental.

I have not implemented SiLabs backup yet in the service - it’s available on Zigpy so it’s posible, but I have a ZNP based system.

I bet that Elelabs would be willing to donate a couple of Silabs adapters if you be interested in adding it:

They indirectly contribute to the community by providing tools/firmware and sponsoring with hardware:

PS: Official “Home Assistant Yellow” formerly “Home Assistant Amber” will have Silicon Labs hardware:

:wink: . I’m sure that SiLabs would prefer to be a “Design in” on products I do professionnally.

It’s not only a question of having the equipment (I could probably hack a LIDL gateway which I believe is based on a SiLabs chip), but more a question of time - especially debugging - and of potentially breaking my home setup, or setting up other systems just for testing.

So maybe I’ll add the code some day, but I add(ed) the tools that seem useful to me (which is an important motivator when doing it “for free”).

I added bellows/ezsp backup to zha-toolkit, but as far as I gather from a quick examination of the video a newer version of bellows is needed to backup to the open-coordinator-format.

Some kind of backup was confirmed by @bartem Weird error · Issue #1 · mdeweerd/zha-toolkit · GitHub so it’s promising.

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I believe you tagged the wrong “bart” … I’m assuming you mean the one in the GitHub issue?

Yes, I assumed that you were the one from the GitHub issue ;-).


Just so I am clear. this method above will not let you backup conbee based zha and restore to the same conbee based zha?

Not yet but some ZHA/zigpy developers are working on universal backup and restore support for all zigpy radio libraires via a new “zigpy-cli” tool. Read more about it in here:

Testers testing it have confirmed that the patches in the mentioned pull request works with ConBee:

There is also more related discussion about ZHA backup and restore features in a request thread here:

Suggest that all of you vote in that request thread to help indicate interest in such a feature in ZHA’s UI.