Backups - Handle case when NAS is off

Hi all,

I recently mounted my NAS in order to save my Home Assistant backup.
My NAS is not running 24/7 to preserve energy. So when it’s off and I try to create a manual backup, it obviously fails, but it don’t get any warning/error message : the backup pop-up window simply closes.

The implementation of the following points would be great in order to handle the case of an unavailable NAS:

  1. Have a clear error message before pop-up window closes and/or send a persistent notification
  2. At least save the backup locally when such case occurs - the user can always copy the backup and save it somewhere else later on.
  3. Ideally, periodically check if the NAS is back on and automatically push the local backup to the NAS storage space when it happens

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just to extend your request, it would be great to have a sensor for the last successful backup, the last tried backup, the last result, and the error in detail, from the HA view (like not available, login issue, free space info etc.). All values are anyway available… But I cannot extract it from the logs.