Backups list is empty event though all backups are safely on NAS

I have configured Synology network storage for backups.
I switch to it on the Backups page.
The backup seems to work fine. The new tar balls show up on Synology.
However, the “Backups” list is empty and doesn’t fill up no matter how long I keep the browser tab open.
Is it a known issue?

I also just yesterday set the Green to backup to my Synology. When I copied and pasted a group of backups to the new backup share, HA picked up on it too. Backups now go to the server share as they should.

I’m not very network savvy, I feel I must say. Anyway, it wasn’t difficult to set up Samba Share from Add-on’s (on an HA-Green). After setting up the share folders on Synology, used HA Settings/Storage to Add Network Storage. For the backup directory I chose to designate it as Backup (out of Backup, Media, Data). Then changing the backup location to the new backkup share gave me what I’m seeing.

Just laid that out for what it’s worth - if you skipped a step, chose diff. directory type, or did it in a different order, whatever caused it I couldn’t fathom a guess otherwise.

I’m chiming in on this one too. Today I was reviewing my backup strategy because my AWS bill came in high. I’ve been using a folder on my Unraid NAS as a storage location in Home Assistant. When I view that folder, it is chock full of backups as expected, and even the most recent, which was kicked off by a NodeRED upgrade just a few minutes ago.

Settings → System → Backups shows that there was in fact a recent backup (10 minutes ago.)

However, when I click on Backups, there are no backups listed.

If I look in the NAS, I see 89G worth of backups.

I’m troubled by the fact that a) there’s nothing in the list, and b) I’m unable to configure a backup to automatically delete copies after a certain number of days.

…wait…what? I just clicked “Create Backup” and all of the backups show up in the list.

That’s a mystery. Now, on to the real problem. Are we relegated to creating scripts on our NAS to manage old backups? Seems like we should be able to have HA delete older backups.

I’m starting to see that the display of the backups on a NAS is a function of the size of the folder that contains the backup as I tested the theory again, and in fact, they eventually show up. Clicking “create backup” was a coincidence.

The Backups view shows the name of the backup, the add-ons that are in that backup, the size of each backup, and the age of the backup. That does explain why it can take a while for the view to populate, similar to how Windows Explorer can take a while to show the contents of a network folder depending on what your view is set to (icon size, file extensions).

I haven’t found any way to automatically purge older backups from within HA, so I do have a scheduled task set up on Synology to do that on schedule.