Backups not shown

A while ago, I decided that backing up to a NAS is way more safe than on SD card.
But in supervisor, the backups are not shown.

Looking at the NAS, the files are obviously there:

Also, Supervisor thinks there must be something:

And the google drive backup also does:

Either way I set the path in the backup GUI (NAS or SD card) and no matter how often I hit reload or copy a tar file to the sd cards backup folder - it keeps saying that I have no backups.


Any ideas how to resolve this or is this a known bug?


I’m having the same issue, I can see the backups on my NAS. They used to take a few seconds to show up in the HA ui, but now they don’t show at all.

There’s an issue open on Github but it doesn’t seem to be getting any attention

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I have discovered that if I reduce the number of backup files then it works. It appears as if the request to list backup files times out


I’ve found that if I clear my browser cache (Edge in Windows) the backups appear after a page refresh.

I’m currently seeing the same situation here but,

My Test Hass is a NUC running the x86 image,
Backs up with Samba to my PC.
No Backups found.

My Main HASS is on a Pi4
Backs up to the same PC, just to a different Folder.
I can see all the Backups there…

Nuc Backup folder had 63 files & reduced that to 18; No Change. Still see nothing.

Pi Folder currently has 31 files & HA lists all thes along with the ones I previously did to the Data Disk on the SD.

Just notice this Config Difference for the two Different Platforms.

My PC Username is “Phil”, Password “Pwd#1”.
Both external Storages are configured with the above.

For the Samba Add-On Though,
rPi is configured with “Phil” & “Pwd#1”,
Nuc has it’s Samba Add-On configured with “Hass” & “Pwd#2”.

Might investigate that further, it may be relevant.???

On my side, i had the same issue until i deleted older backups that had no time in the date.
For older backup the date of the files where “11/12/2022” and for newer files i had the time also “11/12/2022 11:22:33”. By just deleting all the files that didn’t had any time i solved the issue.
I suppose that at one time the time was not saved correctly, which was fixed afterwards, but the old backups without time where disturbing the process.

Just ran into the same problem. After fiddling around a bit I get the strong imprssion that as soon as there are one or more backup files that are present in both the local storage and the network storage (i.e. duplicates) no backups are shown in HA. Remove the duplicates, and it works again. You may want consider this a bug as it is highly unexpected and confusing.

I had 59 backup .tar files in my network backup directory. Kept the 3 most recent, deleted the 56 others and that fixed the issue. Backups are now displayed after 3-5 seconds.

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