BACnet Support

Found solution!!! Wacnet : BACnet Explorer, Webserver and Toolkit (Free)

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For Reals!! BacNet is a must

I’d also love to see BacNet as an integration!

More info please. I would really love to see how to set this up, and got everything talking to home assistant!

+1 for Bacnet support. I have HRU system with TCP/IP gateway and BACnet as protocol.

Some good news: The dead BACnet Python library BACpypes over at SourceForge has been superseded by an activly maintained GitHub project.

Several maintainers and active development.

This makes it a lot more feasable to create an HA integration.

+1 for Bacnet. It would elevate Home Assistant to a tool for smaller public infrastructure like schools and conference centers.

+1 It’d be so much easier to monitor multiple custom points in one device . Like I want to use customizable controllers and IO, and not need a different z-wave device for every single point I want to monitor.

+1 for BACNet. Currently running a BACnet system (primarily HVAC) using ComfortClick. Would like to move it over to Home Assistant.

This could be very nice to have.

Yes PLEASE add BACnet support at least BACnet/IP. I got a ton of HVAC equipment that I would like to have access to the data on my Home Assistant that way I can display HVAC and lighting data all on my room touch display screens!! Also would love to be able to use the ZWave motion sensor to feed data back to the HVAC System to do set-point setback when rooms are not occupied. My chiller and air handlers all talk BACnet/IP natively (Its a house with commercial equipment, yes I went overboard designing it). I also got another house with split systems, energy recovery units and heatpump water heater that are all also BACnet/IP enabled that I would love to integrate everything all together into one system, Home Assistant.
This is my new project at both houses, adding Humidifiers (that are also BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/TP enabled. Dri-Steem Humidifier

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Does anyone have a workaround for this until there’s support?

Node-red has suport for BACNet.

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