BACnet Support


Will there be future or is there now support for BACnet protocol? Protocol has two flavors, Can be a BACNet/IP or can be RS485 Serial.

This protocol is widely accepted as the norm for automation systems and open hardware. It is an open protocol, and was surprised to see that Modbus was available but not BACNet.


I’m also very interested in BACNet support. In the meantime Im experimenting with BACpypes ( and passing values through python scripts, but native BACNet support would be amazing! This would open a huge amount of doors for control gear and sensors!


Me to… Have an Siemens controller in my heatingsystem that wold be nice to get some values from… :slight_smile:

+1 for Bacnet support

Any update on bacnet compatibility?

Any update here? I’m interested as well!

I guess there is no update or response. I do building automation for a living at work and find this to make way more sense than having a MODBUS integration. The automation industry does not really accept MODBUS anymore.

Hey now, modbus TCP/IP is still alive and well for talking to vendor skids and VFDs lol. I would never recommend it for real-time control of an actual plant, but for system monitoring it’s OK.

The modbus RTU component in home-assistant has some issues at the moment though. It seems to work ok and pull in data, as long as you don’t mind 2-5 errors every second in your log.

Lol well your not wrong MODBUS IP is still out there. For us the only place we allow MODBUS is out power meters. And only if they manufacture can provide a factory configured MODBUS to BACnet gateway. I dont like having to have a secret decoder ring to figure out what a point is, its unit of measurement, etc… BACnet is so much easier in that regard. Still would be nice to be able to use BACnet devices at home.

Carrier devices supports Bacnet and Lonworks standarts only. Their HVAC is #1 around Europe and US at condo, hotel and other commercial buildings. Highly demanded feature, i guess…

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There’s this:

You could hook that up to your BACnet and possibly control and get status using the MQTT home assistant integration?

Haven’t tested, just saw it

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I tried their Dali to MQTT converter and I was NOT very impressed with it, It wasn’t very stable and only had very basic configuration options.

BACnet support would be a must for interconnectivity to standard control systems.

I’m a control systems engineer and find most stuff in the controls industry speaks the BACnet protocol and is easily configured. Hope this is high up on the list would be invaluable as the leap to connect into the commercial and industrial market.


+1 4 Bacnet

+1 for bacnet. Bacnet (over IP especially) is very widely used for HVAC & BMS systems. Supported and actively pushed by giants in BMS like Schneider electric, Mitsubishi Electric & ABB.

In my experiance, it is really good too.

I would love this as well :slight_smile:

+1 for Bacnet. It’s a big thing missing from HAS

Would also love to see such an integration!

+1 for Bacnet support. Would be a game changer for bigger installations.

+1 for Bacnet support. I have 3 AC Hisense with this function