Bad news from Epson - (a real WTF) - HA opportunity?

Their ReadyInk service has quietly been cancelled (they do have something called ReadyPrint also but that is a monthly subscription fee service)…

I was happily getting automated ordering and shipments of replacement ink for my printer whenever an ink cartridge ran low, it was terrific I didn’t have to lift a finger other than just replacing the cartridge when needed - and the replacement cartridge was already there exactly when I needed it!

It was my understanding that it was an industry standard used by many printer manufacturers and across many ink suppliers such as Staples, Best Buy, Amazon (and Epson themselves of course).

I had a few years back, selected Staples and the larger extended supply ink cartridges years ago when I set it up on the Staples website, and it worked flawlessly.

Yesterday I just received an email from Staples saying they are no longer participating in the program.

Spent quite a while calling Epson and being routed in circles because nobody understood what I was talking about, and finally got a hold of the right group of people there, to ask which ink vendors are participating and instructions for how to sign up with one of them. It was actually news to the fellow I spoke with when he looked in his system for me to see which specific vendors were involved in the readyink program - and he was surprised to find that there are none listed there now! He said it used to be Amazon, Best Buy, and Staples, but Best buy had dropped out some time ago.

Is there any way an add-on or something added to the Epson integration that would call an API that could result in a vendor shipping ink cartridges?