Bad recognition of Slovak

I have a problem with voice assistant in version 2023.5.1. The system cannot recognize voice commands in Slovak. It recognizes the commands, but completely badly - it displays some randomly generated words in an indeterminate language. For example, it recognizes the phrase “How many degrees is it outside” as “kalkos Tutum ivankum”. The next time you enter the same command, it recognizes the command completely differently. Thanks for your advice…

I think the problem is, that the Whisper is running in the smallest possible model (are you running it on RPI4 or something more powerful?)
with the smallest model, it has higher error rate for languages like Slovak/Czech/Polish…
I was looking into this last night, and it looks like we (non-english) speakers are screwed once again :smiley:

Good luck,


Zdravim páni

i search on forum same problem

i use now :
config : ha cloud /slovak
agent : ha cloud /slovak
stt: : ha cloud /slovak
tts : : ha cloud /slovak
wake: ok nabu

and now work realy fine, with wyoming i dont have good experienc.

which are the command to using TTS? “vypni”“zapni” and friendly name of device work fine.
somtimes recognize it also my 5 years old son. :slight_smile:
and hear better my older son and dougter 8 and 10 years like me :slight_smile:

how can i turn off music player ?
run some script ?
turn off tv ?

thy all…