Badge Notification

I have a shelly relay to open the apartment building door and to know when someone rings the bell in the intercom.

As we can see in the screenshot, the idea is to combine these two badges in one. (last two badges).

When someone rings the bell, I have a script that counts how many times the button was (detected power).

For the first badge, we can retrieve that information, but we need to click on it.

I know we can create a card like a log book to show that information, but I think the badge looks nicer.

Is something like this possible at this stage of HA

Please tell us in detail which entities you want to show.

This is the first banner… DOOR
When, clicked it shows the log of how many times energy was detected (button pressed). But it dosent exacly shows the number. It’s a nice thing to have as a Log itself.

Second banner is the counter script… Doorbell
It’s a simple script that adds +1 everytime energy is detected (buton pressed)

This is the script

I would like to expose the counter “inside” de Door badge so it shows a little banner (as an example of the screenshot)