Balboa Spa Client integration not detecting lights or pumps

Hey guys,

I’m moving over from openhab to home assistant but I’m stuck on one last thing. I can’t get the Balboa Spa Client integration to show or detect the spa lights or the 3 pumps, it detects the climate part so I can set the temp and it detects the circ pump.

Any help would be amazing.
I’m running on a pi4 with everything up to date.
In openhab everything shows up perfectly.

Anyone having these same issues?

Since the Balboa Spa Client integration is an embedded component in Home Assistant core you can report the issue there for tracking →

hey Hedda, I did that on October the 1st without a response. Balboa spa client not detecting pumps or lights · Issue #79391 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Is there anyone else that can look at this as there is a few people with the same issue.