Balboa SPA integration

I’m new to Home-Assistant and I find it fantastic.
I had several customization thanks to this forum but now I’m in trouble to connect a Balboa Wifi (Hot tub) to my configuration.

First, Balboa is not in the list of supported components so I checked in github and I found this project

It states that I need to copy some fles to the homeassistant host. But how to do that with Hassio?

Do you have any suggestion on how to integrate this tub to HA?


PS: I asked developer to add this kind of information in the documentation but without a response.

Did you ever figure this out? I’m trying to do the same thing on

Unfortunately not. Still investigating

Use the samba share addon to put the files in place.

Has anyone built compatibility between and Balboa ControlMySpa?

Is there a way to make this js run in HA?

If anyone has a GL/EL series Balboa controller such as the GL2000 check out GitHub - netmindz/balboa_GL_ML_spa_control: Control protocol between GL2000 controller and ML series compatibile top panel