BalenaFin and Home Assistant - Install Challenge

Hi all,

Very new to Home Assistant and having a challenge installing the OS on a BalenaFin (v1.1) with a RPI Compute Module 3.

I have followed the install instructions and flashed the OS via Balena Etcher and it says it flashes correctly but that’s where I get stuck. I reboot the device but I can’t get onto the unit at all. Either it’s hanging somewhere or I am missing something.

Can anyone shed some light on what I am missing? I’ve been digging through forums for 2 days now and I am no closer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There isn’t an image for the RPI compute module, only:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 64-bit
  • Raspberry Pi 4 32-bit
  • Raspberry Pi 3 64-bit
  • Raspberry Pi 3 32-bit

Thanks for that - makes sense now why it’s not working.