Bambu Lab X1 X1C MQTT

I manually removed it as it wasn’t populating; need to add it back in.

No worries and no hurry. I’ll see what I can come up with. This is my 3rd attempt (since you unveiled the advanced) and I got so much further than ever before… in other words, I am patient LOL.

Some improvement with that last changes but a couple of lingering needs…

Still not getting a start time although the epoch and end times work… so odd.

And in grafana, I’m not getting my PETG stats which is 90% of what I print with (used PLA for testing the integration)

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I just wanted a “one page” solution for my mobile. I think it might be interesting for someone else, here a screenshot.

It is a bit messy but full of condensed info.
Thanks developers!


Nice! Also in case you’re interested, I did just update a few days ago the AMS and media files with the “new” humidity icons which are easier to read (and renamed now since both the HACs integration & my nodered one now invert the values like Bambu’s UI does), so you can grab them if you’d like.