Banned ip notification by mail, push notification etc


i have set up the ip ban by limit of attempts:


  ip_ban_enabled: true
  login_attempts_threshold: 10

if someone tries to log in 10 times in a row and fails all 10 times it automatically bans access from their ip by listing it in the file.

  banned_at: '2024-06-18T23:17:40.909765+00:00'

When this happens on the HA website I get a notification of IP banned but I wanted to send me an email or a push notification to the app and I don’t know how to do this automatically.

Is it possible to make an automatism every time a file is modified, or how can I do it?

nobody knows?

nobody knows?

State trigger on file sensor?

I get a persistent notification when an IP gets banned, you could trigger an automation from that ?

That’s exactly what I was asking… :slight_smile: