Barcode scanner built into companion apps

I would like to see an option to scan barcodes from within the companion apps. It could be an additional sensor that is updated with all info from the last scanned barcode.

I could then add / remove Items from a shopping list.

You kind of already have that feature.

Open the camera and “scan” a barcode, then press the share button and share it with Home Assistant.

This will trigger an event in HA, mobile_app.share:

And this is the result when I scanned my chewing gums on my desk.
Where “text” is the barcode

I’ve seen this but it would, IMHO be nicer to skip the step where you have to share it with HA.

If you’re scanning a bunch of items in a row that can get pretty tedious pretty fast.

It would be more streamlined to have it built in, i think.

Also not all built-in camera app can scan bar / qr codes so it would require another app, which is another step.

Voting for it for another reason, because like QR code scanning added for integration device inclusion.

ZHA integration Zigbee implementation already supports QR code commisioning and lead developer of Z-Wave JS does have Z-Wave SmartStart (Z-Wave QR code provisioning) on his roadmap wishlish.

Would be great if the Home Assistant iOS and Android apps could scan both barcodes and QR codes then pass data along on to integrations that could support receiving a barcode and/or QR code. See:

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for android you can use an android intent schema in lovelace to trigger the barcode scanner from the frontend.

see the second example here: Android WebView | Home Assistant Companion Docs

Is this on android or iPhone?

I use Android

sharing is available on both iOS and Android

I mean how do you scan a barcode and share it, I have a Samsung and can scan QR codes but not barcodes

Then get a different barcode app

Is there a special configuration needed for this to work?
I attempted to share to home assistant but see no event.