Base settings/files for migration, what are they?


I run the hassio install on a raspberry. But I have now installed a docker image in OMV with home assistant.

I do not use any plugins/add-ons in really. So what files should I transfer?

Can I just transfer/copy the important ones like config, automations, secrets, etc?

Or for permissions it would be better to just copy the contents in these files into the same files on the new install?

Or is it more complicated than this?

Thanks for pointers or help.


Copy the entirety of the /config directory to the new location, including the hidden .storage directory and any hidden files in that directory.

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Thank you.

I will try that. The docker can easily be recreated if it fails. Thumbs up. :smiley:

No need to recreate the docker. Your files should live on the host, outside of the docker container, so just monitor the logs when you start up your container and fix any issues that arise. The most common being that you will have to delete the .db file in the config directory

So I managed to get everything copied.

But I forgot to mention that I have SSL and can access my current install through my domain.

Anyhow, I can ofc login on my LAN on the new instance/docker and I see it is setup as the regular hassio install but all devices are offline. Tried logging in from “outside” after changing my router port forward but no luck, hehe.

Also I think all devices are tied to the old IP now, everything should probably be rebooted. And also shut down that hassio. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will try tomorrow. Thank you
Just too tired , can’t really think straight now, not good lol. Thanks for your help. I might just redo the settings by hand. I don’t have a mansion luckily (depends how you see it haha).

I am very new to this.

Update: restarted the docker and well, can not login at all.

Thanks. I will take a day and just redo this “by hand”

read the logs. It will tell you where it’s broken. I reiterate that the db is the most common file that gets messed up between install methods and versions.

This shouldn’t be necessary.

I have moved between all the different installation methods over the course of over 2 years…and not had any issues requiring me to do it all over by hand.

Ok will try it. Had started a sip on the whiskey and a music session. I need to focus lol.

But thank you! Appreciated